Thai martial arts movie Fireball to be part of ongoing Museum of the Moving Image screening series

Warrington Hudlin’s Fist and Sword series at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY, will screen Thai martial arts movie Fireball this Saturday, Sept. 22nd, at 5PM. Fist and Sword is the Museum’s series of contemporary and classic martial arts and related action movies.

Directed by Thanakorn Pongsuwan, the 2009 martial arts action fest Fireball centers on a man named Tai, who’s seeking the identity of his twin brother’s attackers, leading him to join a team that plays “fireball,” an underground, hybrid, kill-or-be-killed sport that joins basketball, cage fighting, and martial arts. Fireball is controlled by the heads of organized crime in Thailand, and all of the bloodlust takes place on the court, as Tai maneuvers through elegant air kicks, punches, and jabs to get to the truth.

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