Blue Velvet 25th Anniversary Blu-ray review

Blue Velvet 25th Anniversary Blu-ray cover
Blue Velvet 25th Anniversary Blu-ray cover

David Lynch’s masterpiece modern day film noir Blue Velvet debuted on Blu-ray November 8th, brining with it 50 minutes of never-before-seen rediscovered footage that was thought to be lost forever. With Blue Velvet, Lynch skillfully removed the glossy veneer of suburban existence, revealing the painful realities of everyday American life, adding his own sense of morbid fascination for the bizarre.

In Blue Velvet, clean-cut Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan from Twin Peaks) sees the halcyon life of his hometown blown away after he discovers a human ear in a field after visiting his dying father in a hospital. He takes the ear to a friend of his father’s, Detective John Williams (George Dickerson), who tells him to keep his mouth shut and not ask questions, however Jeffrey is too intrigued to let sleeping dogs lie, and decides to begin his own investigation, accompanied by Detective Williams’ daughter Sandy (Laura Dern).

His demented investigation catapults him into an alluring, erotic murder mystery involving an enigmatic and bi-polar nightclub singer (Isabella Rossellini from Death Becomes Her) and a drug-addicted sadistic criminal (Dennis Hopper from Speed). Soon, Jeffrey is led deeper into their depraved existence past the point of no return.

Blue Velvet’s sense of humor and unapologetic shock value, bring the film past the point of being a cult classic, and 25 years later make it even more enjoyable to watch, especially in the rich Blu-ray transfer.

David Lynch himself personally supervised and color corrected Blue Velvet, which has resulted in incredible color, deep textures, and rich details.

Bonus Material

Mysteries of Love is a standard definition comprehensive retrospective which gives a lot of background on Lynch’s formulation of the project. Interviews with most of the principal cast as well as Lynch are included, along with behind the scenes footage.
Newly Discovered Lost Footage has been remastered in high definition. Included are several scenes featuring full frontal nudity. There’s also a clip of a young Megan Mullally, as Jeffrey’s girlfriend Louise.
Original Siskel and Ebert Review is their 1986 critique of Blue Velvet.
Vignettes include four clips mixing moments from the film with interviews with David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini and others.
Theatrical Trailer in high definition and 2 TV Spots in standard definition.
A Few Outtakes from Blue Velvet with some ad libs and humorous moments.



Check out a series of clips from Blue Velvet below.

Blue Velvet – Film Clip: “Strange World Redux”

Blue Velvet – Film Clip: “Do It For Van Gogh”

Blue Velvet – Film Clip: “Dorothy Vallens Intro”

Blue Velvet – Film Clip: “Nightmare”

Blue Velvet – RED BAND Film Clip: “On the Hunt”

Blue Velvet – RED BAND Film Clip: “PBR at Ben’s”

Blue Velvet – Film Clip: “Robin Dream”

Blue Velvet – Film Clip: “Strange World”

Blue Velvet – Film Clip: “Underworld”

Blue Velvet – Bonus Clip: “The Robin”

Blue Velvet – Bonus Clip: “American Surrealism”

Blue Velvet – Bonus Clip: “Casting Jeffrey Beaumont”

Blue Velvet – Bonus Clip: “Casting Sandy Williams”

Blue Velvet – Bonus Clip: “Chicken Walk”

Blue Velvet – Bonus Clip: “Hands On”

Blue Velvet – Bonus Clip: “Legacy”

Blue Velvet – Bonus Clip: “Theatrical Trailer”

Blue Velvet – NEW Bonus Clip: “Depression”

Blue Velvet – NEW Bonus Clip: “Jeffrey Gets Called Home”

Blue Velvet – NEW Bonus Clip: “Lincoln Lot Pictures”

Blue Velvet – NEW Bonus Clip: “Piece of Cake”

Blue Velvet 25th Anniversary Blu-ray cover
Blue Velvet 25th Anniversary Blu-ray cover