Dead Road shoots zombie fest!


While attending the Asbury Park Zombie Walk last weekend, I happened upon a shoot for a web-based zombie series called Dead Road. It was great fun seeing indie filmmakers doing their thing – especially indie filmmakers making a zombie horror series!

The web series Dead Road takes place 2 years after a zombie outbreak, and humans have no choice but to survive in a World infested by the living dead. The story centers on a group of scavengers, always out to find more people. But there is no guarantee that other survivors want to be found.

Dead Road, which was created and directed by Corrado Gadaleta, stars Rich Ruperto, Humberto Rivera, Julie Robbins, Edwin Rivera, Corrado De Robertis, Thomas Ryan, Rody Bustamante, Linda Rollino, Mario Torres and Eric Espinosa.

Check out samples of the Dead Road photos below, or CLICK HERE to view the entire gallery.

CLICK HERE to view the entire Dead Road photo gallery.

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Here’s the official synopsis for Dead Road:

The entire planet suffered the last and most devastating epidemic ever seen.
The event that infected and killed millions. Only to bring them back hungry to seek and devour every human left alive.
The remaining survivors did their best to hide out for as long as they could. But no place was completely safe and supplies run out fast!

Our story takes place 2 years later as we follow the lives of a few scavengers going from town to town in constant search of food, shelter… Having to co-exist with the danger of zombies in addition to other humans doing everything they can to survive.

All the drama, all the action, and all the horror awaits you!