John Cusack and Malin Akerman join action thriller Numbers Station


Content has confirmed John Cusack will take the lead in the Kasper Barfoed-directed action thriller The Numbers Station. Malin Akerman will also star in the film, with principal photography set to commence in mid-November. Kasper Barfoed previously helmed The Candidate.

The Numbers Station – which is said to combine suspense, twists and turns, along with an explosive and mind-blowing climax – is produced by Furst Film’s Sean and Bryan Furst (Daybreakers, The Matador, The Girl in The Park, The Cooler) and Nigel Thomas (The Wind The Shakes The Barley) from Matador Pictures. The script is penned by F. Scott Frazier.

In Numbers Station, Cusack plays a disgraced black ops agent tasked with the dead-end job of protecting a code operator for an isolated covert CIA broadcast station, played by Akerman. His mission is simple: protect the code operator. Keep her safe and secure, whilst knowing that she must never be taken alive.

John Cusack’s upcoming projects include The Paperboy, Frozen Ground and The Raven. Akerman starred in The Proposal, Watchmen and Couple’s Retreat, and will next be seen in Rock of Ages.

“Kasper Barfoed is an extremely exciting new directing talent with genuine flair and style – and we’re really thrilled that John Cusack has joined the production. And it’s great to be back in business with the Furst and Matador teams again,” said Content’s Jamie Carmichael.

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