Hammer Films’ The Resident Blu-ray review


Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilary Swank tussle in The Resident

In famed horror studio Hammer Films’ The Resident, Oscar-winner Hilary Swank plays Dr. Juliet Dermer, an attractive doctor who thinks she’s found the perfect New York City apartment to start her new life after ending a long relationship with a guy who cheated on her claiming she worked too much. Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his grandfather, August (Christopher Lee), own the beautiful vintage apartment building, and it’s in the middle of renovation and so they’re offering leases that are literally too good to be true. It’s got spacious rooms and a spectacular view. But there are secrets behind every wall and terror in every room as Juliet gets the unnerving feeling that she’s constantly being watched.

The Resident is Antti Jokinen’s first film after a career making music videos for musicians such as Korn and Celine Dion. While the film is a visual stunner, and has some genuinely creepy moments, it lands with a soft thud, and never raises above a light tap. The issue is the lack of tension, which is rather difficult to achieve when you’re crafting a thriller featuring such incredible talent. There are a few twists and turns, but unlike Hammer’s Let Me In, there is no build up to something worthwhile or especially original.

Bonus Material

The only bonus feature on The Resident Blu-ray release is the movie trailer.

Director: Antti Jokinen
Producer: Cary Brokaw
Writers: Robert Orr, Antti Jokinen
Cast: Christopher Lee, Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lee Pace

Blu-ray Release Date: March 29, 2011



The Resident Blu-ray packaging

Below are some clips from Hammer Films’ The Resident.

The Resident – Soundbyte: “Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Getting Attached to the Movie”

The Resident – Film Clip: “I Know Everything”

The Resident – Film Clip: “Max Watches Juliet”

The Resident – Film Clip: “Secret Tunnels”

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