The Last Beat biopic adds French flavor


Writer/director Robert Saitzyk (Godspeed, After the Flood) dives deeply into the torrid world of rock and roll to tell the story of the last days of rock star Jay Douglas in the film The Last Beat. The cast of the film includes Shawn Andrews (Fix, Dazed and Confused, City of Ghosts) and César nominated French actress Virginie Ledoyen (Tout ce qui brille, The Army of Crime, The Beach). Ledoyen will play Clémence, a French Countess involved in a turbulent love triangle between Jay Douglas and his self-professed “soul mate” – the earthy, but fiery Valerie Eason.

The Last Beat explores the life of a world weary self exiled rock star searching for a more artistic existence as a poet and writer in Paris, with the hope of erasing his tarnished former stardom. The film’s rich storyline will be accompanied by a completely original soundtrack redolent with the influences of the early 70’s ranging from Rock n Roll to French Pop. The Last Beat offers audiences a refreshing view of the turbulent end of the 60’s and early 70’s along with an insightful perspective into the melancholy lifestyle and unerring clarity of a rock star and poet coming to terms with his own end.

Award-winning filmmaker Saitzyk recently teamed up with Los Angeles-based management and production company Bohemia Group, who’s specialties include film and music endeavors. Bohemia principals Susan Ferris and Alison Buck will produce alongside helmer Saitzyk, and in addition they will also take on the duties of music supervisor and casting director respectively.

“We’re thrilled to have Virginie Ledoyen opposite Shawn Andrews as Clémence, creating such an electrifying screen duo,” said the Bohemia Group’s Susan Ferris.

Production on The Last Beat is set to commence in late Spring 2011 in Paris, France.

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