After Dark sheds light on first photo from Husk


After Dark Films’ Husk is the sixth feature from their After Dark Originals series. Written and directed by Brett Simmons (Mark of Love), the gruesome tale is based on Simmons’ short film of the same name.

Husk stars Wes Chatham (The Unit, In the Valley of Elah), C.J. Thomason (The Big Bank Theory), and Devon Graye (Scar 3D and Showtime’s Dexter), and begins as a murder of crows smash into a car windshield, causing it to crash, forcing the group of young friends inside to abandon the vehicle. Stranded beside a desolate cornfield, they see a light on in a window and decide to go in search of help. They head into the fields but instead of finding sanctuary they discover something evil and unnatural lurking in the corn.

Husk, which is currently in post-production, was produced by Limor Diamant, Allen Zeman, Stephanie Caleb and Courtney Solomon, and was shot in Iowa. The film will be released, along with seven other “Originals”, in January 2011, in partnership with Lionsgate.

After Dark Films made an unprecedented commitment to the production of eight original horror films this year under the After Dark Originals label, continuing the Company’s mantra of supporting first time independent film writers and directors.

Check out the first photo from Husk below.

A scene from Husk
A scene from Husk
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