New behind-the-scenes clip from Frozen


Check out this special clip from the DVD/Blu-ray extras included with the upcoming release of Frozen on September 28th. This clip shows the extreme weather the cast and crew endured while shooting the film – no special effects, no cushy studio, no CGI. Just the mercy of Mother Nature!

Starring Kevin Zegers (Dawn of the Dead remake, Wrong Turn), Shawn Ashmore (X-Men) and Emma Bell (Gracie), Frozen, which was written and directed by Adam Green, who helmed the cult horror Hatchet – charts the nightmare of three snowboarders when they get stranded on a ski chairlift taking them to the last run of the day, and their growing panic and dread after they’ve been left behind, dangling high off the ground with no way down. With the resort closed until the following weekend, and frostbite and hypothermia already setting in, the trio is forced to take desperate measures to escape off the mountain before they freeze to death.

Check out the clip below

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