Alamo Drafthouse coming to New York?


I’ve always wanted to visit the famed Alamo Drafthouse in Texas: Themed events, cult film screenings, beer served during the movies – what more could a film buff ask for. I always wondered why the idea never made its way to New York City. I remember a few years ago, there was talk of the chain going the franchise route, and I thought for sure some visionary businessman would jump at the chance to create an Alamo Drafthouse New York, Alamo Drafthouse Atlanta, and so on. But sadly nothing materialized.

Well MTV spoke with Drafthouse CEO and founder Tim League this morning about the past, present and future of his company, and it turns out, I may not need to travel to Austin to enjoy a brew with my film. The Drafthouse brand is said to be expanding to New York and Los Angeles sometime in the next year or so.

According to the report, the company has also launched Drafthouse Films, which will be releasing the controversial Jihadist comedy Four Lions this fall, and they’re taking their Mondo brand, which began as a stylish way to promote Alamo Drafthouse events, and creating a boutique art dealer. Mondo recently won the Star Wars license, and has been releasing a steady stream of limited edition posters from a range of artists, including the image below by Shan Jiang, titled Dawn of Tatooine.

MTV has also assembled a must-see gallery of past Mondo artwork HERE.

Dawn of Tatooine by Shan Jiang
Dawn of Tatooine by Shan Jiang
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