Kick-Ass director circling Bloodshot adaptation?

Bloodshot comic cover detail
Bloodshot comic cover detail

According to Latino Review, that answer would be yes.

Their source claims Kick-Ass’ maverick director Matthew Vaughn is close to choosing his follow-up project, and Bloodshot is on the shortlist.

Bloodshot is the Valiant Comics character created by Kevin Vanhook, Don Perlin, Bob Wiacek, and Jade Moede – who’s a former mob killer that’s been double-crossed by his employers and murdered… yes murdered. But he’s revived by the FBI via a secret procedure that pumps nanites into his bloodstream, reviving him and making him close to indestructible and giving him complete amnesia in the process.

However, while this is certainly right up Vaughn’s alley, other than the fact that the players would be adults in this adaptation, there is no confirmation and right now it’s nothing more than a rumor.