Clash of the Titans director eyeing Y: The Last Man comic adaptation

Y: The Last Man Volume 2 - Cycles trade paperback cover
Y: The Last Man Volume 2 - Cycles trade paperback cover

A source at Latino Review has revealed that Clash Of The Titans director Louis Leterrier could be interested in tackling the long-in-development Y: The Last Man adaptation.

Brian K. Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man was last seem in the hands of Disturbia and Eagle Eye director DJ Caruso and potential star Shia LaBeouf, but Latino Review’s report seems to indicate that studio disagreements have put that direction to bed, with certain areas within New Line stoked for the project, and more senior executives seeking to stick with proven genres like romantic comedies.

While Y: The Last Man is certainly in Leterrier’s wheelhouse, he’s currently very much in demand with Titans about to storm into theaters, Kraken in tow. Leterrier has also been listed on Marvel’s possible list of Avengers directors.

Y: The Last Man centers on Yorick Brown, the sole survivor of a mysterious plague that has killed every man on earth. Brown is the headstrong son of a U.S. congresswoman and an amateur escape artist. He spends most of the story on the run from a tribe of self-styled Amazons bent on eliminating the last vestige of patriarchy, while working with a bioengineer who may be responsible for the worldwide elimination of “man” kind, to figure out why he survived.