VIZ Media launches massive free online anime portal

VIZ Anime screenshot
VIZ Anime screenshot

VIZ Media has detailed the launch of VIZ Anime – a brand new, free-to-use interactive web destination that will be a permanent home to some of the company’s best-loved animated series as well as new content which will be added weekly.

VIZ Anime kicks off with more than 400 episodes from hit series such as Bleach, Buso Renkin, Death Note, Hikaru No Go, Honey & Clover, Inuyasha The Series, Inuyasha: The Final Act, Nana, Naruto The Series, Naruto Shippuden, and The Prince of Tennis. The site will also be the future web home for many other eagerly anticipated anime series set to launch later this year.

A variety of interactive social networking tools and features also help foster an official online home and community for anime fans allowing them to connect and discuss their favorite shows.

  • Users can “follow” as many series as they like and choose to be notified each time a new episode is released, as well as keep track of the last episode they’ve watched. This makes it easy to stay current on series like Inuyasha or Naruto, which feature more than 100 episodes.
  • Users can comment on individual episodes and also meet and interact with other fans, invite friends to join, ask questions and debate plot twists and characters, voice their opinion on what’s happening in a particular series, and also find out what else is going on across the anime and manga spectrums.
  • Users can rate their favorite episodes by using a “Like” button on each episode page. They can quickly access a list of all the episodes they’ve similarly liked to compare how other users have liked an episode.
  • Users can make a personalized profile page to keep track of the episodes they’ve watched and enjoyed, the series they’re currently following, and comments they’ve made. Mail tools can also be used to send private messages between individual users. Privacy controls let users decide what information is shared publicly and who is able to send them messages.

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