Indie Spotlight: Zorg and Andy

Kate Rudd and Scott Ganyo in Zorg and Andy
Kate Rudd and Scott Ganyo in Zorg and Andy

Zorg and Andy is a cult comedy, very much in the B-movie tradition, featuring a fertility idol of alien origin, pagan blood cults, zombies and flesh-eating beetles. The feature was shot for about $25,000 and the opening scenes were shot at the Mesa Grande Ruins in downtown Mesa – an archaeological dig site – with the cooperation of the Arizona Museum of Natural History and the Southwest Archaeological Team. For most of the cast and crew, Zorg and Andy was their debut feature.


Perpetual undergraduate Andy has one last chance to keep his financial aid: a work-study job at the mysterious Kungsbaden Museum. After a beautiful stranger steals an ancient fertility idol in his care, Andy sets out into the night to recover it. In the process, he discovers that his idyllic campus is home to a network of bloodthirsty pagan cults, each fighting for possession of the idol.

Director: Guy Davis
Writer: V. Z. Montengo
Producers: Paula Dodd, Quentin Dodd, Guy Davis
Cast: Dr. Jerry Howard, Austin Davis, Doug Weatherston, Julie Dietrich, Scott Ganyo, Kate Rudd, Trevor Fanning, Wilson Bath, Jennifer Wilkens, Marco Noyola, Ben Ayres, Nick Kraynak, Douglas Weatherston, Nancy R’beck, Sally Weatherston, Heather Lapham Kuhn, Sherrae Barlow, Shonna Stout, Danyella C. Davis

Zorg and Andy has played at the 3rd Annual B-Movie Celebration/Tromadance Summer Film Festival.

Check out the trailer for Zorg and Andy below.

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Find out more about Zorg and Andy at the film’s official website,