Denzel Washington and Tony Scott Unstoppable after all?

Denzel Washington decided he won’t jump on board Unstoppable, according to Variety.
According to reports, the actor, who had been waiting for Fox to set a budget and start date for the production, has withdrawn from the film and is eyeing other projects for the fall.

Fox isn’t giving up so easy though, and are apparently prepping a new offer for the two-time Oscar winner to consider.

Washington had planned since April to re-team with Tony Scott, this time as a veteran engineer on board a locomotive with a young conductor (Star Trek’s Chris Pine) to stop an unmanned runaway train filled with toxic chemicals.

Reports say the projects has been on shaky ground for some time, with Fox cutting a $107 million budget down to $100 million, then trying to push it even further, into the low $90 million range. The studio also asked Scott and Washington to shave their salaries.

The picture also came at a time when the duo’s current film, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, has posted an only $60 million at the box office at a time when studios are trimming back.

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