Warner Bros. to preview Watchmen, Terminator Salvation and Friday the 13th this weekend at NYCC

Warner Bros. sweeps into New York Comic-Con with three of their biggest film projects of 2009. First up is Watchmen, based on one of the world’s most celebrated graphic novels, Watchmen is the film fans have been waiting for for decades, and you’ll be getting the latest scoop from Dave Gibbons, the original artist behind the Watchmen graphic novel. Next is Terminator Salvation. Director McG will be at NYCC discussing what it was like taking on the Terminator saga and where he plans to take the future (looks like he’ll be answering questions about the planned trilogy). After that, the cast of the upcoming Friday the 13th re-imagining take to the stage, including Jared Padalecki, Derek Mears, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller. All will be speaking about their roles in this update of the classic American slasher flick.

This event takes place on Saturday, starting at 11am, in the IGN Theater.

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