Joe “Narc” Carnahan and Ridley “Blade Runner” Scott bringing A-Team movie to theaters next year?

Mr. T and George Peppard from the original The A-Team
Mr. T and George Peppard from the original The A-Team

If this is accurate, it looks like the long-in-development A-Team movie, will happen.

Fox has apparently assembled a creative team to finally adapt 1980s cult action TV series The A-Team into a film project for summer 2010, according to reports on Latino Review and other sites.

Joe Carnahan has been tapped to direct, with Ridley and Tony Scott set to produce and executive produce, through their Scott Free production banner. Jules Daly and Stephen J. Cannell, who originally created the cult TV series, are also on board as producers of the film.

Carnahan will re-write on a script written by Skip Woods (Swordfish, Hitman), with Brian Bloom. The film is currently scheduled to begin production by June of this year for a June 11, 2010 bow in cinemas.

According to the report, the reason why it’s taken so long to bring The A-Team to the big screen is that Fox has been struggling to find a way to adapt the cult TV hit, while avoiding the series’ campy tone. John Singleton was most recently attached to direct, before dropping out. Woods then came on board and wrote a new script.

The film will use the original premise of the series, which revolved around four Vietnam veterans convicted of armed robbery, who escape from a high security military prison and became helpful mercenaries. The Middle East will replace Vietnam as the place the four did their tour of duty.

“You can … make a film that reflects on the real world without losing the great sense of fun and the velocity of action in a classic summer popcorn film,” Carnahan said.

Carnahan has also put his Pablo Escobar biopic, Killing Pablo, on the back burner, a project that was complicated by the bankruptcy filing made by the Yari Film Group, along with a competing Escobar epic on the way from producer Oliver Stone (W) and director Antoine Fuqua (Shooter, Brooklyn’s Finest).

Check out a trailer from the original show below.