Wall-E and Man on Wire top Golden Tomato Awards

Rotten Tomatoes today announced the 10th annual Golden Tomato Awards, which pay tribute to the best and worst reviewed films of the past year. Films are ranked according to their Tomatometer scores, which are based on the published opinions of more than 200 top film critics aggregated by Rotten Tomatoes.

Pixar takes home its fifth win for Wide Release Film of the Year with Wall-E. The surprise hit documentary by Discovery Film, Man on Wire, won the Limited Release Film of the Year award. This year’s worst-reviewed film, and recipient of the Moldy Tomato Award, is the thriller One Missed Call.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Awards, Rotten Tomatoes has also launched its 10 Years of Golden Tomatoes retrospective with analysis of directors’ and studios’ critical track records.

2008 Golden Tomato Award Winners

  • Wide Release: Wall-E – 96% Tomatometer score
  • Limited Release: Man on Wire – 100% Tomatometer score

2008 Moldy Tomato Award Recipient

  • Worst Reviewed Film: One Missed Call – 0% Tomatometer score

2008 Category-Specific Golden Tomato Award Winners

  • Documentary: Man on Wire
  • Foreign: The Band’s Visit (Israel)
  • Action / Adventure: The Dark Knight
  • Animation: Wall-E
  • Comedy: Happy-Go-Lucky
  • Horror: Teeth
  • Kids / Family: Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
  • Romance: Ghost Town
  • Sci-Fi / Fantasy: Hellboy II: The Golden Army
  • Musical: High School Musical 3: Senior Year
  • Drama: The Wrestler
  • Thriller: Transsiberian
  • Best Reviewed Australian Film: The Black Balloon
  • Best Reviewed UK Film: Man on Wire

Facts – 10 Years of the Golden Tomato Awards

  • Pixar is the most-honored studio:
    Pixar has won Wide Release Film of the Year five times, more than any other studio
    Pixar has earned the most Golden Tomato Awards (14 total)
  • Seven Wide Release Film winners were animated (Wall-E, Ratatouille, Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Chicken Run, and Toy Story 2)
  • Only two Golden Tomato Award winners have earned a perfect 100% Tomatometer score (Man on Wire and Toy Story 2)
  • Sony/Columbia and MGM have produced the most Moldy Tomato winners with two each (Sony/Columbia produced Basic Instinct 2 and Gigli; MGM produced Rollerball and 3 Strikes)
  • One Missed Call earned the lowest Tomatometer score in Moldy Tomato Award history (0%)
  • With four Golden Tomatoes, Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Insomnia and Memento) has won more Golden Tomato Awards than any other director

Award Recipients Respond

From Andrew Stanton, Writer and Director, Wall-E

We got the Golden Tomato for Finding Nemo and I never thought I’d get it again, so to have it happen a second time is just so thrilling. It’s hard to not be bowled over by it, because you can’t beat that Tomatometer number. The facts are right there, everybody likes it so much! Winning the Golden Tomato Award twice is really going to spoil me – everything is going to be a letdown after this. It’s a huge honor, it really is.

From James Marsh, Director, Man on Wire

This is most unexpected and gratifying honor for a small film like ours to receive. Rotten Tomatoes has become the definitive site for people who are passionate about movies and I am absolutely thrilled that Man On Wire is their best reviewed film of the year.

From Christopher Nolan, Writer and Director, The Dark Knight

I’m just glad to keep my head above the splats. Thank you for the honor.

From Brad Anderson, Writer and Director, Transsiberian

I’m truly honored to be served this Golden Tomato! – it’s my favorite vegetable… or is it a fruit? Seriously, as a filmmaker who puts his heart and soul into every movie I make it’s really nice when you know that critical opinion is on your side… and Rotten Tomatoes makes sure you know, one way or the other!

From Mitchell Lichtenstein, Writer and Director, Teeth

I have to be honest, when I set out to make a film about a vengeful vagina, critical acclaim was not at the forefront of my mind. But the fact that critics embraced this film should encourage other filmmakers that it’s OK to take chances in this genre, which is so often, and justifiably, maligned.

From Guillermo Del Toro, Writer and Director, Hellboy II: The Golden Army

I am VERY HAPPY to have a Golden Tomato!

From Eran Kolirin, Writer and Director, The Band’s Visit

I am happy and honored to receive the gorgeous Golden Tomato from your site, which in the past year, as I spent more time Googling my name and trying to relive my past glory than actually writing and working again, has been my favorite ego booster on the net. Success is indeed a comfortable bed, and I like to sleep. Thanks a lot.

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