WIN a Timecrimes movie poster signed by director Nacho Vigalondo

Timecrimes (Los Cronocrimenes) movie poster
Timecrimes (Los Cronocrimenes) movie poster
Next Friday, December 12th, Magnet will release Timecrimes, the third film in their Six Shooter Film Series. To celebrate the release, distributors are providing FilmFetish with a full-sized movie poster, signed by the film’s director Nacho Vigalondo.

Lauded short film director Nacho Vigalondo makes his feature debut with this tense, unstoppable vision of science and natural law gone awry.

Hector (Karra Elejalde) is relaxing on a lawn chair outside of his new country home, surveying the nearby hillside through a pair of binoculars, when he catches sight of what appears to be a nude woman amidst the trees. Hiking up to investigate, he is attacked by a sinister figure whose head is wrapped in a grotesque, pink bandage. Fleeing in terror, he takes refuge in a laboratory atop the hill, where a lone attendant (director Nacho Vigalondo) ushers him in to a peculiar scientific contraption. He emerges what seems to be moments later, only to find that he has traveled back hours in time, setting in motion a brain-twisting, horrifying chain of events when he inadvertently runs into himself.

Drawing from the best traditions of classic science fiction and crime fiction, Timecrimes plays games with the genre and the audience, giving the protaganist a Russian-doll like shell of identities that are shed so often that Hector can be playing one of any number of whodunit archetypes at any given moment as he becomes increasingly more complicit in the complicated mess that he’s trying to fix.

Director Vigalondo says “Timecrimes comes from my love of classic science fiction and crime stories. Writers like James Cain, Philip K. Dick, or directors like Fritz Lang. The idea of building a tragic paradox with such few elements is my attempt to going back to the classics and trying to bring back something new.”

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Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes (Spain) is the third film in Magnet’s Six Shooter Film Series, a series of six films highlighting the vanguard of genre cinema from around the globe. Preceded by Let the Right One In and Special, three other films will follow over the coming months, including Ollie Blackburn’s Donkey Punch (UK), Big Man Japan (Japan) and Eden Log (France).

Spanish Cinema Now
Spanish Cinema Now
Timecrimes will also screen during The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Spanish Cinema Now, running now through December 24th. Timecrimes will screen alongside Spanish horror movies like [Rec] and sci-fi works including Before the Fall, as part of a series that showcases how Spanish filmmakers are breathing new life into tried-and-true genre tales. You can also find out more about Timecrimes at