Japanese anime company making live-action Bubblegum Crisis movie

Scene from 1987 animated film Bubblegum Crisis
Scene from 1987 animated film Bubblegum Crisis
Tokyo-based animation outfit Anime International Company (AIC) has contracted with Singapore-based Cubix, a visual software production company, to make a live-action version of the sci-fi anime series Bubblegum Crisis, according to Variety.

The companies plan a large budget for the feature, directed towards a U.S. theatrical release sometime in 2011. Bubblegum Crisis creators Shinji Aramaki and Kenichi Sonoda are set to be part of the main creative team, in order to maintain the look of the original series.

AIC first produced Bubblegum Crisis as an eight-part series from 1987 to 1991, for the straight-to-video market. The popular series inspired a prequel titled AD Police Files, a follow-up called Bubblegum Crash, as Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. The company also produced the hits Tenchi Muyo! and Ah! My Goddess.

Below is a trailer for the Bubblegum Crisis anime series.

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