Quantum of Solace director attached to another action flick

Poster for original Die Bad
Poster for original Die Bad
Marc Forster, who’s Quantum of Solace is headed into theaters next week, is set for a new action film project, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The director has been tapped to helm the film Die Bad, a remake of a Korean action film originally titled Jukgeona hokeun nabbeugeona, that is currently in development at Universal Pictures.

Brad Ingelsby (The Low Dweller, Buried) is attached to pen the screenplay.

Korean martial-arts director Seung-wan Ryoo wrote and helmed the original picture in 2000, which won an audience award at the prestigious genre film fest Pusan. It starred Seong-bin Park, Seung-beom Ryu, Jung-shik Bae, Ju-bong Gi, Ji-hyeon Jeong, Won-hie Lim and Seung-wan Ryoo.

The South Korea-set movie follows a set of interlocking stories featuring a gangster and gang violence. It is made up of four distinct episodes, with criss-crossing characters and themes, that delve into the causes and effects of male aggression. The story will apparently now be based in the U.S. for the remake.

No actors have been attached to the remake yet.

Here is an official synopsis on the original film, from it’s Asian distributor’s website:

A pool-hall brawl between art high and tech high students results in an accidental death in Episode 1, Rumble. The accidental murderer comes out of jail still haunted by his victim, and finds his former best friend has become a cop in Episode 2, Nightmare. In Episode 3, Our Contemporaries the cop is staking out a car-park when he runs into a gangster, his old friend’s new boss. Finally in Episode 4 Die Bad, the cop’s younger brother joins the gang. The gangster pushes his old friend’s brother into a dead-end fight positioning him as an unwitting scapegoat. A fight between enraged two friends ensues as younger brother stands at the threshold of death.