Somers Town film trailer

Somers Town follows Tommo, who just turned sixteen and gets released from social care, then runs away to London from a lonely, difficult life in the Midlands. Marek, a Polish immigrant, lives with his father, who drinks with his friends most evenings after working on a construction site. Marek is a keen photographer, quiet and sensitive – he is not comfortable in his father’s world.

Both struggle to make sense of their new world and a chance meeting in Somers Town, London, leads the two to form an unexpected partnership. Unknown to his father, Marek begins hiding Tommo in his flat and the two boys begin to earn money from an entrepreneurial and eccentric neighbour, Graham. Maria, the French waitress at their local café, already a photographic muse for Marek, now becomes more of an obsession for the two boys and the centre of all their attention.

Below is the trailer for Somers Town.

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