The Prisoner Original Television Soundtrack – File #1

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This is the first CD release that compiles the music soundtrack and cues from Patrick McGoohan’s cult classic television series The Prisoner. There are a total of 3 “Files” in the series. This release features music from the episodes: Arrival, The Chimes of Big Ben, and A. B. & C.


  • From Episode - Arrival
  • Main Titles
    What’s The Name Of This Place (Dialogue)
    The Cottage Maid Is Seen
    The Band Appears (Radetski March)
    I Suppose You're Wondering (Dialogue)
    Number 6 In The Cottage
    The Band Concert
    Afternoon Concert
    I Will Not Make Any Deals With You (Dialogue)
    Helicopter Escape Bid
    Subject Shows Great Enthusiasm (Dialogue)
  • From Episode - The Chimes of Big Ben
  • Unused Title Theme
    I Am Not A Number (Dialogue)
    Number 6 Hates The Tune
    Night-Time Drink
    Do You Still Think You Can Escape, No. 6 (Dialogue)
    Number 8 Swims Off
    Number 6 Chops Down The Tree
    Village Curfew
    There Are Some People Who Talk (Dialogue)
    Exhibition Hall
    The Dinghy Casts Off
    The Village Is A Place Where People Turn Up (Dialogue)
    Crate Journey
    Back To The Cottage
  • From Episode - A. B. and C.
  • Engadine’s Party
    Number 6 Dances With 'B’
    Number 6 Is Drugged
    Dreamy Party
    End Titles


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