Everybody Wants to be an Italian increases theatrical run


Roadside Attractions’ limited release of Everybody Wants to be an Italian, keeps getting bigger as exhibitors continue to book the film in the largest grossing theaters in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Salt Lake City.

What initially started as a 25 screen platform release, has revved up over 100 theaters requesting the light-hearted, and fun film that takes a look into what it means to be single and looking for love in America against the colorful backdrop of Boston’s Italian-centric North End. The film is the story of Polish fishmonger, Jake Bianski (Jay Jablonski), who is still caught in a Freudian psychosis over his girlfriend Isabella’s (Marisa Petroro) dumping him over eight years ago. Though she has married and moved on, he is still convinced that she was the one and he will win her back. His coworkers decide that enough is enough, and set out to get him married off. The problem is, they mistakenly think the woman they want to line him up with, Marisa Costa (Cerina Vincent) is Italian and insist that Jake must fake being Italian or risk the consequences.

The film features a supporting cast that includes John Kapelos, John Enos, Richard Libertini, Marisa Petroro, PJ Marino, and a rare appearance from Penny Marshall.

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