Igor film joins forces with Against Malaria Foundation to fight disease

Exodus Film Group, Malaria.com, and the Against Malaria Foundation today announced their partnership to help rid the world of the disease with the help of Igor, the title character in Exodus’ upcoming animated feature Igor opening nationwide on September 19 distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. In the movie, Igor lives in the fictional land of Malaria and ends up unwittingly eradicating evil from his world and changing his life.

Expanding on this concept, the partnership utilizes the film’s namesake character as its spokesperson to help save lives by encouraging people to make donations through www.malaria.com/igor. The donations will fund bed nets, which will then be distributed to countries most affected by Malaria, a simple but enormously successful manner to curb the deadly disease. For every $100 raised 20 nets will end up over heads and beds and save a child’s life. In turn, donors will be entered into a sweepstakes to win one of 10 numbered limited edition glow-in-the-dark Igor bobbleheads, which are signed by the cast and wrapped in a bed net.

Malaria.com launched on August 15th and was created to harness the power of the Internet to raise awareness of malaria, and to help fund the purchase and distribution of bed nets.

The Against Malaria Foundation is an organization dedicated to empowering ordinary citizens to take responsibility for eradicating malaria – a disease that causes millions of preventable deaths a year. They have a simple promise: 100% of all money raised by individuals buys and distributes bed nets at the world’s lowest price of $5 or less. They guarantee all of these nets will end up over beds and they can show exactly where all the nets go. Robert Mather, Founder of the Against Malaria Foundation, commented, “We are thrilled to be associated with Igor and to have the opportunity to create greater awareness of the need to eradicate malaria and also to encourage as many people as possible to help raise money to buy bed nets.”

Millions of people contract Malaria every year. Of those affected 90% of the deaths occur in Africa, of which 70% are children under the age of five. The single most effective way to prevent the disease is through the use of a long lasting insecticidal mosquito net.

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