Interactive content series launches for Dead Space

No Known Survivors
No Known Survivors
EA has premiered, an evocative, experiential site that allows visitors to explore the narrative world of the new survival horror game, Dead Space. Over nine weeks, the site employs interactive components, 3D animations, voice acting, original video, and Papervision 3D technology to tell two tragic four chapter stories. The First, Misplaced Affection, is the story of an organ replacement technician who falls hard for a capable female security officer. The second, 13, tells of a sleeper agent who makes the wrong decisions for the right reasons.

With two stories, eight chapters and an intermission unfolding over nine weeks, the site has a multitude of immersive content. A vast cosmic deathscape called the hub manages all content, and features 9 severed body parts, each one representing a content release. The week before a content piece goes live, its assigned body part begins to mutate, finally evolving in to a mature necromorph body part (necromorphs are re-animated, mutated corpses of fallen crew members). Each Monday, a new necromorph part will be live and clickable, ready to take users deep into the content featured on NoKnownSurvivors.

The development team worked extraordinarily close with the studio team on this project for both story and creative, and used some exciting technology on the execution that is a key part in bringing an interactive narrative online.

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