R-rated trailer shows fate of boasting inmate in Death Race

Robert LaSardo in Death Race
Robert LaSardo in Death Race
You know that trailer for Death Race that ends with a dude boasting “You can burn me, you can shoot me, but you can’t kill me”? Well, the r-rated trailer for the movie shows you just what happens when you boast…And it’s funny as hell. The actor’s name is Robert LaSardo, and his familiar face (and the rest of him) gets…well, see for yourself.

Other than that, the trailer just contains some cursing, bone-crunching and assorted gore elements. , No topless shots from Natalie Martinez, unfortunately (see clip below…she’s incredibly hot).

CLICK HERE to access the red-band trailer, along with two other clips from the film.

Also, the website now has a game on it called Annihilation, that, as the name implies, allows you to drive through a booby-trapped course, grab some cool weapons, and annihilate anything in your path. The only thing missing is the MMO (multi-player) aspect, so I can demolish somebody in say Alaska, for example.

CLICK HERE to play the online game.

The Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil, Alien vs. Predator)-helmed, grindhouse-flick-with-a-budget, is in theaters today.

Here’s a video featuring Natalie Martinez.

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