Create your own Heroes Season 2 online remix

Metacafe, a leading short-form video entertainment site, and Universal Studios launched the Heroes: Season 2 collaborative remix. Fans of hit TV show Heroes are invited to create their own Heroes Moment for the Heroes: Season 2 DVD release, which is available on August 26th, 2008 on DVD and Blu-ray Hi-Def. Viewers can create their own original remix from audio and video clips from the series as well as build on and further customize remixes made by other members of the Metacafe community.

The Heroes: Season 2 collaborative remix is available at from now through August 29. People who create customized Heroes Moments can save them online and send an e-mail notification that provides a direct link to their personalized remix to friends. After watching a remix, viewers are invited to Join the Heroes by enhancing that existing video mix or creating their own. All fans can view and rank the video remixes within a Heroes gallery that showcases the most popular and most recent additions.

Heroes: Season 2 DVD available on August 26, 2008

Experience Season 2 like you’ve never seen it before! Rejoin the epic and suspenseful phenomenon as Heroes: Season 2 arrives on DVD and Blu-ray Hi-Def. Experience all the new and exciting twists of the astonishing series in this 4-disc set that includes every gripping Season 2 episode. Plus, see what could have been with exclusive bonus features that reveal the untold stories that never aired and an alternate ending to the season finale, where the fate of humanity takes an ominous turn when Peter fails to catch the vial containing the deadly virus.

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