Genre: DRAMA

Release Dates: MAY 5, 2006


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Official Websites: Content Film

Production Company: Content Film / Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation / Film Four

recently discharged from the Navy, a troubled man returns to his childhood home in Corpus Christi, Texas to reunite with his father.

Crew: James Marsh (Director & Writer); Milo Addica (Writer and Producer); James Wilson (Producer); Susan Kirr (Line producer); Gwynneth Lloyd, Maureen A. Ryan (Co-Producers); Edward R. Pressman, John Schmidt, Sofia Sondervan (Executive Producers)

Cast: Gael García Bernal as Elvis, William Hurt as David, Pell James as Malerie Sandow, Paul Dano as Paul, Laura Harring as Twyla, Milo Addica as Bruno, Mohammad Ahmed as Mr. Chopra, Sally Allen as Church PA, Derek Alvarado as Scoot, E. Matthew Buckley as Deck Officer, Cheri Cabiya as Car Dealership Customer, Ricky Cavazos as Car Dealership Customer #3, Austin Chittim as Football Bully, Laura Clifton as Murray, Brady Coleman as Clown, Spencer Gibb as Singer/Guitarist, Jason Harper as Naval Seaman, Michele Harrington as Church Member, Jennifer Holt as Church Member, Nicole Holt as Church Member, Richard Lack as Paul’s Teacher (as Richard Black), Billy Joe Martinez as Mexican car salesman, Monica Peña as Tuxedo’s Manager, Jessica Schwartz as Diane and Santiago Villalobos as Bus Passenger

Studio: ThinkFilm

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