Phat Girlz film review

Year: 2006

Give it up one time for the thickness, y’all, because the Plus-sizers need love, too! Ya heard?!

Phat Girlz is about a woman who has always had trouble taking the weight off and dealing with the issues, the glares, and the ridicule that goes along with being a big woman in today’s society, until she meets the man of her dreams who in turn makes her realize her very own dream and her self-worth.

And who’s better at bringing that credo to life but the undeniable resident Phat Queen Mo’nique as Jazmin Biltmore, who of course is her funny ass self throughout the film.

I gotta give it up for first-time writer/director Nnegest Likke’ – who gutted it out for 15 years to get her story to screen – she did a nice damn job. Great laughs and great moments that went right along with her deep sensibility on such a touchy subject, that has gone far too long not to be the subject of a movie. She hit the mark for the most part. The only subject I wish she would have gone deeper on was the relationship between Jazmin and her very fit and vain roommate/cousin, Mia, played by Joyful Drake. I wanted to see them clear their issues up a lot healthier instead of that glance-over feel that I got from it.

Don’t worry, ladies, there’s a good-lookin’ brotha in the flick, with his Taye Diggs-esque looks by the name of Jimmy Jean-Louis as Dr. Tunde Jonathan, who plays Mo’Nique’s love interest. Yes, ladies, he’s well fit and, yes, there is a scene with him in his Speedos fresh out of the water. Now, I wasn’t gettin’ my “Brokeback Mountain” on or nothin’ like that but dude was pretty ripped and any heterosexual male who’s thoroughly confident in his sexuality can certainly appreciate a brotha that keeps fit. (Now, did I make SURE that everyone KNOWS I like women and ONLY women? Good [SMILE]).

I also have to tell you about the newcomer Kendra C. Johnson, who plays Stacy, Jazmin’s best friend and fellow Thicklette. Like a good sidekick, she stole a few scenes and believe me, they will be memorable, especially to the sistas who agree that sometimes ya gotta throw caution to that damn wind! And that’s all I’m sayin’!

Phat Girlz all around will enjoy and rejoice in this film because finally they have a film about them and what they go through.

Review for by Charles Kenneth Maye

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