Release Dates: APRIL 2006


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Production Company: Element Films / Class 5 Films

Set in the present-day San Fernando Valley, Down in the Valley involves a delusional man named Harlan (Edward Norton) who believes he’s a cowboy and the relationship that he starts with a rebellious young woman (Evan Rachel Wood).

Crew: David Jacobson (Director, Writer & Producer); Stavros Merjos, Bill Migliore, Edward Norton, Adam Rosenfelt & Holly Wiersma (Producers); Mike Upton (Co-Producer); Sam Nazarian (Executive producer)

Cast: Edward Norton as Harlan, Evan Rachel Wood as Tobe, David Morse as Wade, Bruce Dern as Charlie, Rory Culkin as Lonnie, Artel Kayàru, Heather Ashleigh as Shel, Aviva as Sherri, Luis Batista as Gene, Ray Buffer as Traffic Cop, Ty Burrell as Sheriff, Ellen Burstyn as Ma, Christina Cabot as A.D., Kat Dennings as April, Jenna DeYoung as 2nd A.D., Jennifer Echols as Rene, Aaron Fors as Jeremy, Dorrie Grace as Townsperson, Katherine Kendall as The Lady, Kathleen LaGue as Nurse Reed, Peter Lewis as Officer Smith, Edward Nickerson as Orderly, Hunter Parrish as Kris, Anthony Reynolds as Rent-A-Cop, Bunnie Rivera as Neighbor, Michelle Shore as Girl in car, Muse Watson as Bill, Sr.

Studio: ThinkFilm

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