Ultimate video game mashup site launched


Blockade Entertainment and GorillaSpot recently announced the launch of Mashade.com, a video game mashup site that will allow fans the opportunity to create and share their own personalized video mashups using footage from the official trailers of today’s hottest video games.

Using GorillaSpot’s intuitive and robust video editing technology, Mashade.com will provide a new experience for users to interact with video game content to create their own video game mashups, which can then be easily shared via email or social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. Users of Mashade.com will be able to take video assets provided from video game publishers and edit together their own trailer by adding in sound effects, graphic overlays, music and titles using the mashup application. Mashade has partnered with multiple video game publishers including Electronic Arts, Take 2, Sega, Codemasters, Warner Brothers, Ubisoft and Sony. The site will launch with content from several games including Burnout Paradise, Brothers in Arms, Race Driver GRID, Lego Batman, Mass Effect, Heavenly Sword, Samba de Amigo, and Borderlands with new game trailers and enhanced editing features being added on a regular basis. The site will also offer what is called a “Super Mashup,” where users will be able to build video game trailers using content from various games available on the site.

Aside from premium video game footage provided by the publishers, the site currently boasts hundreds of sound effects, including celebrity voice impersonations for the user to incorporate in the video mashups. For music, Mashade has partnered with Hollywood Records and currently features the latest music from the bands Breaking Benjamins and Atrayu.

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