Two more RocknRolla pictures plus a full synopsis

Geoff Bell as Fred the Head, Jeremy Piven as Roman and Chris Bridges as Mickey in Warner Bros. RocknRollaRelease Date: October 2008
Genre: Action, Crime
Guy Ritchie
Writer: Guy Ritchie
Producers: Joel Silver, Susan Downey, Steve Clark-Hall, Guy Ritchie
Executive Producers: Steve Richards, Navid McIlhargey
Cast: Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Thandie Newton, Mark Strong, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Toby Kebbell, Jeremy Piven, Chris Bridges

When a Russian mobster orchestrates a crooked land deal, millions of dollars are up for grabs, and all of London’s criminal underworld wants in on the action. Everyone from a dangerous crime lord to a sexy accountant, a corrupt politician and down-on-their-luck petty thieves conspire, collude and collide with one another in an effort to get rich quick.

Gerard Butler in RocknRolla