Perrineau signs on for another “Unusual” series


Harold Perrineau Jr. plays a helicopter pilot in 28 Weeks LaterTrades have reported that Harold Perrineau Jr. (just blown up on the freighter in Lost’s season finale) has joined ABC’s one-hour pilot The Unusuals, a comedy-drama set at a New York City police precinct. He will play Detective Leo Banks, an agitated cop that’s obsessed with not being killed in the line of duty.

It doesn’t look like Harold’s Lost character will get that chance to redeem his relationship with his son. Here’s a quote from producers, on Michael Dawson’s exit from the show:

He sacrificed his own life to redeem himself for past mistakes and to help the Oceanic 6 get off the island.

I just hope they do in fact, bring back Walt’s character, and that he rises above his own difficult feelings towards his dad (but I’m not a Lost writer, am I).

Film Fetish Trivia: Monique Curnen is also starring in The Unusuals, as Detective Beaumont. The beautiful actress also plays a police detective in the upcoming Dark Knight film, due out next month. Her character in that movie is Detective Anna Ramirez, who, according to IMDB, is loosely based on the DC Universe character Detective Renee Montoya, who was originally created for Batman: The Animated Series. That’s because her partner in the movie, Detective Crispus Allen, was also partnered with Montoya in the animated series.

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