Recon 2022 and Deaden to premiere at FanTasia Film Fest

Movie Seals Productions is proud to announce that their latest sci-fi / action film RECON 2022:The Mezzo Incident and their critically acclaimed vigilante film Deaden will have their North American Premieres at the FanTasia Film Festival in Montreal, Canada.

From a screenplay written by Christian Viel, John Fallon and William Alexander, the action packed story of RECON 2022: the Mezzo Incident picks up two years after the events of the first film and introduces a new cast of endearing characters as well as bringing back familiar ones. After the gruesome events on Caprini, Sharp (Anderson Bradshaw) and his elite team of tough, witty and trigger happy space Marines must now head out to the icy planet Mezzo to investigate further Ma’har activities. What they will encounter will defy their imaginations as they tackle giant man eating snow worms, an underground city of Cyborgs, a slew of murderous alien entities and maybe, finally, the ever elusive Ma’hars.

In Deaden, the story follows John Fallon as Rane, an ex-undercover cop forced to witness the brutal rape and murder of his pregnant wife (Anna Jaeger) by the ruthless members of a biker gang who have learned about his old policemen days. Shot through the head with a crossbow and dumped into a canal, Rane is believed to be dead, but miraculously survives the ordeal. Upon his exit from the hospital, he teams up with his old crime buddy Kersey (Deke Richards), arms himself to the teeth, and goes on a drug fueled, psychotic rampage all in the name of unapologetic retribution.

Deaden will screen on July 14th, 2007 at 7:30 PM. Producer/Director Christian Viel and actor/writer/producer John Fallon will be attending and stay for a Q&A following the movie.

RECON 2022:The Mezzo Incident will play on July 19th, 2007 at 9:20 PM and be will be hosted by director Christian Viel and star Anderson Bradshaw.

Movie Seals Productions: This Montreal-based company is run by a talented director/screenwriter Christian Viel. Beside the award-winning Recon 2020: The Caprini Massacre and the critically acclaimed Deaden, this fast growing production company has recently produced a sequel to RECON 2020: Recon 2022: The Mezzo Incident. They are currently in pre-production of the last chapter of the RECON trilogy.

Since its inception in 1996, FanTasia has been an event hell-bent on showcasing the most exciting, innovative and individualistic examples of contemporary international genre cinema, with an emphasis on unveiling films very rarely seen in North America. With its 70 000 festival-goers FanTasia can be proudly called as one of the biggest festivals in the world. This year issue happens July 5 -23.

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