Rob Zombie’s new Halloween trailer online

Rob Zombie (Devil’s Rejects) directs a remake of the classic horror film Halloween. Not sure what to expect, but with Zombie at the helm, I know we’re in for some ride for sure. The story remains the same. After murdering his older sister, Michael Myers is committed for 15 years to a mental institution. Now aged 21 and still very dangerous, he escapes from the asylum and returns to Haddonfield to find his baby sister and do the same thing to her that he did to his older kin. The new Halloween stars Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm McDowell, Daeg Faerch, Tyler Mane, Sheri Moon Zombie, Pat Skipper, Dee Wallace Stone, William Forsythe, Ken Foree, Lew Temple, Danny Trejo, Hanna Hall, Danielle Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, Clint Howard, Courtney Gains, Daryl Sabara, Heather Bowen, Brad Dourif, Udo Kier and Kristina Klebe.

Halloween will hit theaters on August 31, 2007.

See the trailer for Rob Zombie’s Halloween, at the links below:

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