Lakeshore and Broadway Records Digitally Release Sideways The Musical Original Cast Recording (2023) | Digital and MP3 Releases | Aug 18, 2023

Lakeshore Records and Broadway Records released Sideways The Musical Original Cast Recording digitally on August 18, 2023. Featuring original songs by Anthony Leigh Adams with lyrics by Adams and Rex Pickett. The Sideways: The Musical cast includes Devin Archer, Ruby Lewis, Ryan Quinn, Emily Goglia, James Byous, Juliette Goglia, Britton Sparkman and Rebecca Jade.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Official Motion Picture Soundtrack 2-LP Vinyl Edition Releases (2023) | Vinyl Releases | Jul 28, 2023

Everyone’s favorite plumbers are in their first-ever animated feature, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, bringing with them everything you’ve come to expect. It’s an important moment for a legendary franchise, and it demands a legendary soundtrack—one that pays homage to the history of Mario Brothers. Composer Brian Tyler certainly delivered, playing off the iconic, instantly ….