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RARE Flash Gordon The Official Poster Magazine Walkerprint Phoenix Publications (1980)

Currently Unavailable
Poster MagazineSKU: 170221-63291-1
Weight: 0.11 lbs
Condition: Very Good - The item is used but still in very good condition. There is little to no damage to the packaging, but it may have minor wear from storage over a long period of time. There may be minimal wear on the exterior of the item. See Details section and photos for specifics on item condition.

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Product Types: Books | Magazines & Newspapers | Posters - Original
Lines: Cult Cinema Icons | Cult Flavor | Throwback Space
Genres: Action | Adventure | Comic Based | Cult Cinema | Fantasy | Science Fiction
Poster Categories: Movies, TV & Gaming
Original U.S. Release: December 5, 1980
Rating: PG
Used items are not returnable and can not be refunded.
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This is an extremely rare original copy of the Official Poster Magazine for the 1980 film Flash Gordon. The magazine folds out into a large poster. The item is in excellent condition and has slight creasing on the edges from years of wear, along with corner dings and a few small folds.

Flash Gordon centers on a football player (Sam J. Jones) and his friends, as they travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyranny of Ming the Merciless (Max von Sydow) to save Earth.

Size: 8.5 x 11.75 inches (unfolds into large poster)

Cast: Brian Blessed | John Hallam | John Osborne | Mariangela Melato | Max Von Sydow | Melody Anderson | Ornella Muti | Peter Wyngarde | Philip Stone | Richard O'Brien | Sam J. Jones | Suzanne Danielle | Timothy Dalton | Topol | William Hootkins
Directors: Mike Hodges

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Action | Adventure | Comic Based | Cult Cinema | Cult Cinema Icons | Cult Flavor | Fantasy | Magazines & Newspapers | Movies, TV & Gaming | Posters - Original | Science Fiction | Throwback Space | Unavailable

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