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Mirror Mirror Collector’s Edition Blu-ray with Slipcover [Q66]


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SKU: 210401-86065-1
UPC: 764595881092
Part No: D88109
Weight: 0.06 lbs
Condition: New

A Refection of Pure Terror…

A flashback opening shows us the bloody murder of a woman by her identical twin sister. This has something to do w/ the odd, whispering mirror in the room! Fast forward to recent days, and MIRROR MIRROR begins. A woman named Emelin (Yvonne De Carlo) runs across the dreaded mirror, while cleaning out the house for sale. She has it moved to her antique shop. Enter Susan Gordon (Karen Black- TRILOGY OF TERROR) and her daughter Megan (Rainbow Harvest), the new owners of the house, and the mirror, which has mysteriously returned! Megan attends her new high school, where her goth / Boy George look gains… attention.

Alas, she just doesn’t fit in. Luckily, student Nikki Chandler (Kristin Datillo) befriends Megan. Meanwhile, Emelin reads up on the mirror’s strange history in an old diary. When their dog is found dead in front of the mirror, Susan and Megan have no idea what lies ahead for them! Back at school, poor Megan feels the cruel bite of exclusion and humiliation. Oh my stars! The mirror starts oozing blood, causing icky problems for Megan’s tormentors! When one of her teachers drops dead, Megan returns home to seal her pact w/ the demonic looking-glass. Horror and death ensue, and Megan’s high school experience improves by attrition. Can anything stop her vengeful rampage?

PLEASE NOTE: This is a new item but cover may have slight wear. Please review photos for condition details.

Special Features

  • New HD transfer from original 35mm camera negative
  • Reflections in the Mirror Mirror' featurette with interviews from producers Virginia Perfili and Jimmy Lifton
  • All star cast includes Academy Award Nominee Karen Black (Five Easy Pieces), Yvonne De Carlo (The Munsters), William Sanderson (Blade Runner) and Stephen Tobolowsky (Groundhog Day)


  • Runtime: 104 min
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
  • Region: A,B,C
  • Language: English

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Blu-raySKU: 210401-86065-1
UPC: 764595881092
Part No: D88109
Weight: 0.06 lbs
Condition: New