Kick-Ass 2 Original Motion Picture Score – Music by Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson

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Presenting the original motion picture score to the all-new feature film Kick-Ass 2, starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Jim Carrey, directed by Jeff Wadlow. Acclaimed composers Henry Jackman (This Is The End, Wreck It Ralph, X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass) and Matthew Margeson (Transformers Prime, Skyline, Burning Palms) back the highly-anticipated return of the unconventional heroic duo Kick-Ass and Hit Girl with a full-throttle, super-charged action score as they face-off once more against the vengeful-minded Red Mist. This score is a sonic blast – and the perfect compliment to this rip-roaring, big-screen sequel to the original cult smash Kick-Ass. This CD release contains additional music not available on the digital download version.


  • Main Titles (1:30)
    Senior Year (2:23)
    Honor to Serve Him (1:07)
    Dave's Field Test (2:34)
    You're Not Hit-Girl (1:38)
    Convenience Store (2:01)
    Rich as Sh*t (0:52)
    Justice Forever (1:44)
    Fat Bouncer Dismissal (2:18)
    First Mission (2:06)
    Toxic Mega-C*nts (1:18)
    Mindy's First Date (2:54)
    Real Evil (4:09)
    Mindy & Dave (1:36)
    Night-B*tch Gets It (1:27)
    Remembering Colonel Stars and Stripes (1:28)
    Unjust Arrest (0:53)
    Fatherly Sacrifice (1:50)
    Unpleasant Picture Text (2:40)
    Cemetery Remorse (0:58)
    Cemetery Attack/Hit-Girl Is Back (4:12)
    To Be a Real Superhero (2:27)
    Warehouse Showdown (5:57)
    Shark Bait/Rooftop (2:45)
    Hit-Girl's Farewell (2:15)   by: Henry Jackman | Matthew Margeson
  • Bonus Tracks
  • Main Titles (alternate) (1:29)
    Last Resort (unused) (1:06)   by: Henry Jackman | Matthew Margeson


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  • Runtime:
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