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Four Days: The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy (1964)



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Hardcover BookSKU: 190703-78364-1
Weight: 3.04 lbs
Condition: Very Good - The item is used but still in very good condition. There is little to no damage to the packaging, but it may have minor wear from storage over a long period of time. There may be minimal wear on the exterior of the item. See Details section and photos for specifics on item condition.

Product Types: Books | Hardcover Books
Genres: Crime | History | Mystery | Reality TV | Thrillers
Studio: American Heritage Publishing
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This book is about a documentary study of the four historic days during which President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed on a Friday in Dallas and then buried by the nation on Monday in Washington.It contains all the pictures and words of the original edition including a preface by the historian Bruce Catton and the Publitzer Prize-winning eye witness account by Merriman Smith, White House reporter for United Press International. Here is a full presentation of the incredible events that affected this nation and the world as few incidents have done in the memory of men. Black and white and color photographs, articles by news reporters on the scene, statements by columnists, reports by historical writers,comments by people all over the world- these forms a commemorative historical record of the death of America’s thirty fifth President.

The item is in very good condition with bends, creases and edge wear. See photos for details.


  • Language: English

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