Escape from L.A. Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack Score 2-Disc Special Vinyl Edition

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John Carpenter wasn’t just a sci-fi and horror master, one of the best and most innovative directors of his generation — he was also a highly accomplished soundtrack composer whose pioneering use of synthesizers to create suspense and dread in his film scores influenced musicians both inside and outside the film world. The score he composed with Shirley Walker for his 1996 dystopic sequel Escape from L.A. offered the creeping, atmospheric tension that Carpenter fans crave. Although, since Escape from L.A. was set in Los Angeles and featured plenty of dark humor, Carpenter and Walker threw in a bit of rock ‘n’ roll as well.

The original soundtrack release included a mere 16 tracks and came out on CD exclusively; now, Real Gone Music has added another 16 tracks to the release, and brought it to vinyl for the very first time – and not just any vinyl. Do you remember how in the film Snake Plissken is infected with the plutoxin virus that will prove fatal within ten hours unless he retrieves the “Sword of Damocles” super weapon and receives the antidote? The limited edition version harkens to that. Brand new gatefold artwork featuring stills from the film production completes the package.

Special Features

  • John Carpenter Is One of the Most Accomplished Film Directors Alive, a Master of Horror and Science Fiction with Such Works as Halloween and Starman to His Credit
  • He Is Also an Innovative Film Score Composer Whose Use of Synthesizers to Create Suspense and Dread in His Films Has Influenced Countless Musicians Within the Film World and Without
  • The Score Carpenter and Shirley Walker Composed for Escape from L.A.—the 1996 sequel to Escape from New York—Features the Creeping Tension So Loved by Carpenter Fans with a Little Rock and Roll Edge
  • First-Ever Vinyl Release
  • Includes a Whole Album’s Worth of Additional Material Not Presented on Original CD Release
  • Double-LP Set Comes Inside a Newly Designed Gatefold Jacket Featuring Production Stills
  • Limited Test Tube Clear with Plutoxin Virus Green Splatter Vinyl Edition Limited to 1,500


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