Style Wars documentary to return with new, unearthed footage

Groundbreaking photographer and filmmaker Henry Chalfant is trying to produce a new version of the iconic documentary Style Wars, with never-before-seen footage from the original interviews and graffiti art from early hip hop pioneers. I mention this because of the many parallels between the emergence of hip hop culture and the skyrocketing popularity of martial ….

Cung Le’s Dragon Eyes to preview during UFC 139 this weekend

UFC 139 this Saturday, November 19th, will mark the UFC debut of Cung Le, the accomplished and undefeated kickboxer, who will be fighting in his own hometown of San Jose, California. Le is a Sanshou expert who is considered a top-level mixed martial artist. Just before Cung Le goes into battle against Wanderlei Silva, Spike ….

UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition coming in November

Lesnar vs. Velasquez. Silva vs. Belfort. Shogun vs. Jones. St. Pierre vs. Shields. These are some of the top UFC matches of the year, the ones fight fans want to relive over and over again. On December 6th, Anchor Bay Entertainment and the Ultimate Fighting Championship give them the chance with UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection ….

Rare footage of martial artist Jim Kelly in tournament action

I found this rare footage of Jim Kelly in point or semi-contact action from his tournament days. Although best known from his performance as Williams in the 1973 Bruce Lee martial arts epic Enter the Dragon, Grandmaster Jim Kelly was a serious martial artist, beginning his training in Shorin-ryu karate. Additionally, he trained in Okinawa-te ….

Marrese Crump completes work on RZA’s ‘Iron Fist’ and ready to face Tony Jaa next

The collaboration between the prominent American martial artist Marrese Crump and legendary action director Panna Rittikrai is much sooner than previously arranged. The Protector sequel, locally titled Tom Yum Goong 2, is to now set the stage for the much anticipated appearance of Crump facing the series’ star, Tony Jaa. Marrese Crump’s film project Formless, ….

Capoeira Angola in action

I found this teaser trailer for Capoeira Angola “Come Play With Me My Brother” on the crumpdojo website. The DVD was released in October of 2007 by helicomusic, and includes a soundtrack CD of this very special event. Some the finest angola capoeirists came together for a roda filmed in Paris. Grupo Capoeira Angola Ypiranga ….

Watch The RZA do martial arts in this trailer for Wu-Tang Vs. The Golden Phoenix

I’m constantly finding new references and new films related to my project, but when I read about The RZA’s Wu-Tang Vs. The Golden Phoenix, what shocked me most was that I had never heard of it. A few movie news websites had posted the trailer for this film over a year ago, but I’m not ….

Woo Ping’s True Legend and Master Jose Figueroa talks kung fu and breakdancing this Sunday at Museum of the Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens has been regularly hosting a series of martial arts and action films called Fist and Sword. This Sunday, September 18th, the program will screen Yuen Woo-ping’s epic film True Legend. After the screening, Rock Steady Crew founder Jo Jo Torres, along with Tai Chi Master Jose Figueroa, ….