Ethan Hawke and Ed Harris lead all-star cast in trailer for action thriller Anarchy


Academy Award nominees Ethan Hawke (Best Supporting Actor, Training Day) and Ed Harris (Best Actor, Pollock) lead a powerhouse cast including Milla Jovovich, John Leguizamo, Penn Badgley, Dakota Johnson, Delroy Lindo, Anton Yelchin, Kevin Corrigan and Bill Pullman in Anarchy, a gritty story of a take-no-prisoners war between dirty cops and an outlaw biker gang. Now, a drug kingpin (Harris) is driven to desperate measures in this explosive film based on Shakespeare’s Cymbeline.

Anarchy is directed by Michael Almereyda, who’s known for directing a 2000 version of Hamlet – also based on Shakespeare’s work – in which Ethan Hawke plays the title role.

Anarchy hits theatres and On-Demand on March 13th. Check out the trailer below.

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