Win a copy of the neo-noir action-thriller The Big Bang on DVD

On May 24th, Anchor Bay Films will release the neo-noir action/thriller The Big Bang on DVD and Blu-ray. The film features Antonio Banderas as a ‘private dic’ who’s looking for the missing girlfriend of a recently paroled Russian boxer – along with a 30-million dollar stash of diamonds she’s said to be hiding. To celebrate ….

Up Blu-ray review and Russell voice actor interview

Simply put, Pixar’s run of excellence continues with their latest touching tale, Up. The film is a wondrous and rousing adventure, complete with heart-rending statements about the limitations and hopes of one’s life. Pixar has also added enough billowing adventure for virtually anyone to enjoy. Up opens with a biographical sequence that introduces Carl and ….

Pixar’s Up and Bruce Willis’ sci-fi thriller Surrogates sneak peeks at New York Comic-Con

Walt Disney Studios will present films from their 2009 slate, including Up and Surrogates, at New York Comic-Con, on Saturday, February 7, 2009, beginning at 2:30PM, in the IGN Theater at Javit’s Center. These previews are usually attended by cast members, however other than Up’s director Pete Docter, none were listed in the panel preview ….

Wondrous Oblivion Trailer

With all of the violence and tension going on around the world right now, it’s like a breath of fresh air to see a film that tackles the issues Wondrous Oblivion tackles, in the way that it does. One of the reasons I began this website was to give as much coverage as possible to films that ….