#SDCC What do Maggie Q, RZA, Jackie Chan, Michael Jai White, Randy Couture and the creator of Black Lightning all have in common?


Aside from the fact that they will all be attending San Diego Comic-Con next week, they will all be discussing projects that have some relation to martial arts or martial arts entertainment. Visit the Blvd. Warriors website RIGHT HERE, to see a complete list of martial arts-related entertainment content that will be featured during SDCC 2012.

CLICK HERE or on the Man With the Iron Fists movie poster below, to find out more about what projects Maggie Q, RZA, Jackie Chan, Randy Couture, Michael Jai White, and others will present during San Diego Comic-Con.

Find out more about what’s happening during San Diego Comic-Con 2012 at filmfetish.com/sdcc12.

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