Win a 21 DVD Lifetime Holiday Film DVD Set

Lifetime has compiled the ultimate Holiday DVD Contest Giveaway and FilmFetish is giving one lucky reader a chance to win! This holiday gift set includes 21 DVDs and contains the most romantic stories surrounding the holiday season. Get in the holiday spirit with these captivating love stories for the holidays, including:

Lifetime Double Features: Home by Christmas & Holiday Switch, Lifetime Double Features: The Road to Christmas & Recipe for a Perfect Christmas, Lifetime Double Features: His and Her Christmas & Will You Merry Me, Lifetime Double Features: Christmas in Paradise & Deck the Halls, and Romance Classics Collection, Pride & Prejudice.

In order to be entered the 21 DVD Lifetime Holiday DVD Set random drawing:

I’ll be running the 21 DVD Lifetime Holiday DVD Set contest through Friday, January 6, 2012.

More about the title prizes

The Romance Collection: Special Edition brings together ten perennial favorites in an extraordinary 13-DVD set sure to delight all fans of sophisticated entertainment. Like no other films ever made, these lavish realizations capture every nuance of the celebrated stories that have enthralled generations of readers.

Titles included in The Romance Collection include:

  • PRIDE AND PREJUDICE starring Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle
  • VICTORIA & ALBERT starring Nigel Hawthorn, Jonathan Pryce and Sir Peter Ustinov
  • EMMA starring Kate Beckinsale
  • JANE EYRE starring Samantha Morton & Ciaran Hinds
  • CATHERINE THE GREAT starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Omar Sharif
  • THE MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE starring Ciaran Hinds and James Purefoy
  • THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS starring James Cromwell and Madeleine Stowe
  • TESS OF THE D URBERVILLES starring Justine Waddell
  • VANITY FAIR starring Natasha Little and Frances Grey
  • THE GREAT GATSBY starring Mira Sorvino
  • Bonus Features: Author Biographies and Bibliographies; Cast Biographies/Filmographies; Featurettes; And much more

Lifetime Double Features: Home by Christmas and Holiday Switch
Julia Bedford (Linda Hamilton, The Terminator) is a dedicated homemaker living in a modestly affluent neighborhood with her successful husband and sixteen-year-old daughter. When she and her husband divorce she has a hard time making ends meet for her and her daughter to the point where they end up homeless. Ultimately, she meets a woman who helps her gain her self respect and a new home for the holidays.

A week before Christmas, Paula (Nicole Eggert, Baywatch) finds herself struggling with bills and life with her blue-collar husband Gary (Bret Anthony, The Capture of the Green River Killer) and her two daughters. When Nick, her wealthy high school boyfriend returns to town, Paula wonders if she took the wrong date to the prom. What would her life have been like if she stayed with Nick? When Paula wishes she could see what her life would have been like if she’d made the other choice, she finds herself magically transported through her washer/dryer to a parallel life where she is Nick’s wife. At first, this new life seems the answer to her dreams, but she soon realizes that the grass is not always greener. When she sees Gary and her kids living a happy life, she wishes for just one Christmas gift: to have back the life she didn’t appreciate.

Lifetime Double Features: The Road to Christmas and Recipe for a Perfect Christmas
Claire Larabee (Jennifer Grey, Dirty Dancing) has it all: loving friends, a successful career as a top fashion photographer, and a handsome multimillionaire fiancé. A few days before Christmas, a huge snowstorm prevents Claire from making it to her wedding in Aspen so she hitches a ride with single dad Wes (Clark Gregg, Iron Man) and his daughter to get there. Wes and Claire initially hate each other, but on eve of her wedding, Claire is forced to ask herself a surprising question: is Wes, a man who is seemingly wrong for her in every possible way, really Mr. Right?

J.J. (Carly Pope, Popular), a 24 year-old cute but bookish magazine writer, finally gets her shot at the coveted food critic’s job. That very same day, however, her vivacious but estranged mother (Christine Baranski, The Good Wife) shows up on her doorstep. Desperate to get mom out of her hair so she can write, J.J. makes a deal with the likeable owner (Bobby Cannavale, Will & Grace) of a struggling restaurant: take her mother out on some dates in exchange for a possible review. Problem is, J.J. ends up falling hard for the restaurant owner and gets hit with a case of writers block. In the end, as Christmas arrives, J.J. realizes that her mother is just as vulnerable and insecure as she is, and that love and family are worth risking everything for.

Lifetime Double Features: His and Her Christmas and Will You Merry Me
Tom (David Sutcliffe, Private Practice) and Liz (Dina Meyer, Birds of Prey) are journalists who work at rival papers in the same city. Tom’s employer, the biggest paper in town, is trying to buy the small paper that Liz works for. In an effort to save her newspaper, Liz creates a Christmas column that is an instant hit. The bigger paper responds by assigning Tom to write a rival Christmas column. A chance meeting between the two journalists turns into a public disaster, but is also love at first sight.

Rebecca (Vikki Krinsky, Wild Card) and Henry (Tommy Lioutas, The Best Years) are from very different backgrounds. As Thanksgiving approaches, Henry finally pops the question. Rebecca says yes, and the two could not be happier. The road to happiness has some potholes, as first they must meet each other’s families. Not only must they go through the natural anxiety-filled process of meeting the in-laws, but also go through the stress of immersing each other into two very different families, with very different holiday traditions.

Lifetime Double Features: Christmas in Paradise and Deck the Halls
Two bereaved families take a holiday vacation to an exotic Caribbean island to escape the memories of Christmas past. Dan Cassidy s (Colin Ferguson, Eureka) wife has left him and his teen daughters for another man. Dana Shaw (Charlotte Ross, Glee) recently suffered the death of her husband, leaving her alone with their two teen sons. The parents and kids develop bonds on a cruise ship and their stay at a beach resort. When Dan’s ex-wife shows up to reclaim her family, what promised to be a happy Christmas turns emotionally complicated as each character has to sort out their feelings and choose their own path.

Holly (Gabrielle Carteris, Beverly Hills, 90210) returns to her hometown with her eight-year old son, Ben, to work for her father’s toy business. Soon after, Ben watches a man (Steve Bacic, Big Love) move in next door with a sleigh, red suit, and lots of Christmas goodies. Ben begins to believe that their new neighbor is Santa Claus, and devises a plan to set up his mom with Santa Claus.

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