Casino Royale actress circling 300 prequel female lead


Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ 300 prequel is circling a potential female lead with Casino Royale’s Eva Green, according to THR. Green would play Artemisia in the film, currently titled 300: Battle of Artemisia, coincidentally. Noam Murro is attached to direct the project.

300: Battle of Artemisia sees the Persian king-turned-god Xerxes lead an army against Greek forces, who have little training but are under the guidance of a general named Themistokles. According to the report, the large, epic battle at the center of this film occurs at the same time as the fighting in 300. Green’s potential character is described as a ruthless, gold-covered goddess who persuades Xerxes to amass his army and helps lead them into battle. The studio is looking to begin production in early 2012. Mark Canton, Gianni Nunnari, Bernie Goldman, Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder are producing.

British actress Green recently wrapped shooting the Tim Burton-directed Dark Shadows, Warner Bros. big-screen version of the gothic soap opera, which also stars Johnny Depp.

Eva Green in Casino Royale
Eva Green in Casino Royale


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