Human Weapon: The Complete Season One 4-Disc Blu-ray Edition

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In the ultimate search for a HUMAN WEAPON, mixed martial artist Jason Chambers and former football pro Bill Duff put their bodies on the line as they train in the most lethal forms of combat.

HISTORY follows Jason and Bill across the globe to learn the history, style, and methodology behind 16 unique forms of combat. On their quest to master everything from karate to Muay Thai and Eskrima Stickfighting, Jason and Bill explore ancient relics, unusual villages, breathtaking landscapes, and hidden pasts in order to truly understand the complex development of each individual form. They study with legendary masters and face intense challenges before putting their newfound skills to the test in a final bout with a master in the discipline.

With crisp CGI blow-by-blow simulations and fascinating factual details, HUMAN WEAPON is an action-packed series that pairs history and culture with down and dirty combat.


  • DISC 1: Muay Thai: Ultimate Striking / Eskrima Stickfighting / Karate / Savate Streetfighting / Judo: Samurai Legacy
  • DISC 2: Pankration: The Original Martial Art / Krav Maga of the Israeli Commandos / Marine Corps Martial Arts / MMA: America's Extreme Fighting / Kung Fu
  • DISC 3: Sambo: Russia's Extreme Fighting / Cambodian Blood Sport / Silat: Martial Art of Malaysia / Passport to Pain
  • DISC 4: Ninjutsu / Taekwondo


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