Filmmaker is giving away free tickets to his feature film The Assistants this weekend


A scene from The Assistants
A scene from The Assistants

For his new film The Assistants, filmmaker Steve Morris is giving free tickets to any and all assistants and film students during the first week of the film’s theatrical release. Giving away free seats during opening weekend of a movie is unheard of, but the filmmaker reportedly cares more about word of mouth than high box office grosses.

Morris is the producer, writer, director and editor of The Assistants, and is also self-distributing the film through his company, Team Effort Films. As such, he can control who gets in for free, and he wants packed houses with audiences who can appreciate his film. He’s hopeful those who see the movie for free will tell their friends to go.

The Assistants opens tomorrow, December 3rd, at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Los Angeles.

Tinseltown has its movers and shakers, but they all first started somewhere as “The Assistants” in Hollywood. The film is a story about a group of Hollywood assistants who use their positions to lie, con, and blackmail their way into producing their own movie. In the film, all these twentysomethings – wannabe actors, writers, directors, craftsmen, etc. – yearn, dream, hope and pray to one day be a success in the film business like those they work for and see all around them.

The Assistants stars veterans Joe Mantegna, Jane Seymour and Stacy Keach and a group of up and coming actors, including Chris Conner, Aaron Himelstein, Kathleen Early, Michael Grant Terry, Tate Hanyok, Peter Douglas, Reiko Aylesworth and Jonathan Bennett.

To get free tickets to The Assistants, log on to and on the main page, download and print out the coupon for free admission.