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Loose Screws
Loose Screws

Severin Films – who brought us the 2009 DVD release of the 80’s classic Screwballs – has plunged into the Corman vaults once more for Screwballs‘ ante-upping, button-busting follow-up, Loose Screws, which will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 27th. To celebrate the release of the “Cult Cinema Icon” Loose Screws, FilmFetish is giving away 3 DVD and 2 Blu-ray editions of the home entertainment release.

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More about Loose Screws

Severin Films’ release of Screwballs was one of the DVD events of 2009; a proud restoration of a lost classic to its rightful place just beneath Porky’s in the pantheon of 80s teen sex comedies. But just when viewer’s temperatures had finally dropped back within a medically acceptable range, Severin Films has plunged into the Corman vaults once more for Screwballs’ ante-upping, button-busting follow-up. Loose Screws will available on DVD and Blu-Ray at discriminating retailers nationwide on July 27th.

In the grand, gross and gleeful tradition of Screwballs, Rafal Zielinski’s Loose Screws (a.k.a. Screwballs II) is the archetypal 80s pubescent romp. Director Rafal Zielinski serves a heady mélange of laughs and licentiousness as we follow the horny high jinks of four young men banished to Cockswell Academy, a summer school created for teenagerdom’s worst repeat offenders. To pass the time, the boys begin to play a game where points are scored by scoring with Cockswell’s smorgasbord of comely teenage vixens. The ultimate prize – Ms. Mona Lott, Cockswell’s pneumatic new French instructor. The only force standing in their way is the diabolical Principal Arsenault, who has designs of his own upon the preternaturally enervating Ms. Lott.

Severin’s Carl Daft is particularly proud of Severin’s restoration of Loose Screws, calling it “the best looking film we’ve ever released. Every frame of this uproarious film – along with its cornucopia of feminine unmentionables – has been restored in all its lusty, lustrous, lascivious glory thanks to Severin’s unearthing of a long-thought-lost 35mm negative from deep within an abandoned vault beneath Interstate 5.”

Severin has angered its DVD author once again by pushing the Loose Screws disc to new heights of storage capacity with an overabundance of extras. A rip-roaring commentary with director/80s teen sex maestro Rafal Zielinski is perfectly complemented by interviews with producer Ken Gord and legendary Canuxploitationer Maurice Smith. And as a digestive for the legions of Loose Screws-completists, Severin is also including the ultra-rare international version of Loose Screws in its entirety. The international cut – containing 10 minutes of extra footage – was sourced from the last known VHS European copy of Loose Screws in existence. It is presented in authentic VHS-Vision.

All in all, Loose Screws stands as a pitch perfect time capsule of its halcyon age. As opposed to Screwballs (a period piece), Loose Screws captures the crimped looks and incandescent sounds of 1985 with unabashed gusto. Soon-to-be household name Demi Moore even gets into the act, co-writing one of Loose Screws‘ more unforgettable songs, the finger-snapping “Changing” (co-written with first husband Freddy Moore of the Nu Kats.)

“If my comprehensive knowledge of film history tells me one thing, it’s that it is beyond Sisyphean to duplicate a runaway success” says Severin’s Carl Daft. “Too many sequels to count have been found mowed down on celluloid’s Omaha Beach, never to be heard from again. That’s why we at Severin count ourselves extraordinarily fortunate to possess the rights to one of cinema’s few sequels that actually outdo its forbear. It’s undeniable; Loose Screws delivers the goods, runs back to the store, refills all available cubic space, drives to your home once more, and surprises you with a glorious dessert.”

Loose Screws was originally released in 1985, stars Bryan Genesse, Lance Van Der Kolk, Alan Deveau, Jason Warren, Annie McAuley, Karen Wood, Liz Green, Mike MacDonald, Cynthia Belliveau, Deborah Lobban, Carolyn Tweedle, Stephanie Sulik, Terrea Smith, and was directed by Rafal Zielinski.

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Loose Screws DVD and Blu-ray packaging
Loose Screws DVD and Blu-ray packaging